Google Apps

Work Together on Projects in Real-Time

Now every team member can collaborate together on the same project from any location.

Google Drive includes professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings, and much more. By having Google host your files securely in the cloud, your work will always be there when you need it. Users have the power to share or block access of files to specific people. Locations and computing platforms are no longer barriers for productivity; Google Apps work on Mac and PC, as well as mobile devices and web browsers.

When several team members are collaborating on a single file (a text document, a spreadsheet, or a presentation slide), the team leader wants the closing paragraph reworked. Problem, right? Not anymore! The project manager can simply highlight the paragraph, right click, select "comment," and leave notes beside the paragraph for everyone to view and reply to!

Do More, Work Faster, and Save Time with Gmail

Access your email securely in the cloud from anywhere and any device.

Even without the Internet, Gmail has offline support to keep you working on your important messages, and is integrated with Google Apps to easily share projects.

The Microsoft Office Productivity Suite

Share and manage important documents with everyone on your team.

The MS Office Productivity Suite includes favored Apps like: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, a SharePoint Team/Public Site, and an online meeting package. The applications are streamlined in conjunction with the revamping of Windows 8; they also load quickly and are design to work with touch interfaces. Simply open documents from your laptop, and save when you are done to share and collaborate.

Easily Manage Schedules with Google Calendar

Google Calendar will send you important event reminders on your phone or Gmail inbox. Users can access team members’ schedules to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Google calendar automatically shows you openings in a person's schedule without having to search! Best of all, you can export your Calendar to your website to publicize what’s happening with your organization.

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