Network Care

Security Threats Don’t Take the Day Off, and Neither Does MTG

Security threats are becoming increasingly more dangerous, and IT departments are struggling to reduce risk and maintain regulatory compliance. They also face intense pressure to reduce costs and increase productivity. MTG’s network care empowers IT departments to reduce security risks and get the most value from their investment.

Data Safety is More Than a Slogan

When your workstations and networks slow down to a crawl, or when valuable data is lost, you can’t run your business. MTG’s proactive IT keeps your antivirus licenses and definitions up to date to protect your bottom line without taking up valuable storage space.

Stop Threats Before They Infect Your Infrastructure

Antivirus software simply isn’t enough to keep your network safe. Firewalls are imperative for preventing workstation downtime and slowness problems by locking down your network. MTG will select the Firewall solution best suited for your organization, getting the most out of your budget. Prevention is the key to securing your business.

Don’t Let Hazardous Content Harm Your Users

No matter how much security education they receive, at least one end user will eventually click on something that will cause a virus, malware, or worse. Don’t let one mistake bring down the entire business you’ve worked so hard for. MTG offers the most flexible filtering solutions where you are able to customize your security policy to fit your company. Keep your employees free from distractions while permitting them to browse the web as needed to complete their task. The filter works in conjunction with your firewall to block malware and keep your IT infrastructure safe and secure.

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