Web Filtering & Firewall

Firewall Services to Fit Your Security Needs

Eliminate Problematic and Insecure Content From Your IT Infrastructure

With MTG's Content Filtering Solutions, you can block inappropriate and distracting sites while still allowing employees to perform their duties. Blocking sites like YouTube and Facebook will garner a more productive work environment. The intelligent filtering system will automatically detect inappropriate content and block it, and best of all, the system won’t slow down your client workstations.

Get Enterprise Security at a Small Business Price

The cyber threat landscape is increasing in size and complexity, and this, coupled with mobile access and risky user behavior means your data are at risk. As a result, vulnerabilities lie on every layer of your network. MTG delivers a strong first line of defense, blocking unauthorized users and protecting your organization’s valuable data against threats. Unlike other hardware firewalls, MTG’s will not allow your users to decide what gets through and what doesn’t—leave that to the security experts! We worry about your firewall, and you can relax knowing your information is protected and managed.

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