Hardware as a Service

Leave Ancient Hardware in the Dust with MTG's HaaS

Hesitant To Purchase New Hardware Due to the Sizable Upfront Investment and Increasingly Obsolete Technology?

Don't have time to deal with hardware vendors? Hardware as a Service is a solution for companies that don’t want to be burdened with, or simply cannot afford to take on, the cost to upgrade their computers.

Add Value and Improve Productivity

Maintaining and upgrading computer hardware and software licensing as part of a company’s IT support infrastructure are difficult endeavors. When crucial parts of hardware fail, small and medium-sized businesses suffer the most since they usually cannot afford to replace the malfunctioning equipment. Losing efficiency and by trying to maintain archaic technology can jeopardize the competitiveness of a small business, decreasing their chances of staying profitable. MTG makes a substantial and positive difference in your company’s bottom line by providing Hardware as a Service for cents on the dollar of what you would pay normally.

Leave the Hard Work and Hardware to MTG!

MTG refreshes your hardware before it slows down your business so you can remain profitable and productive.

Leasing or financing hardware used to be the only way to keep IT management equipment current. MTG gets you the servers, workstations, routers, switches, and more, so your hardware stays current and your software licensing is up-to-date without added debt. MTG’s HaaS ends the struggle between maintaining budget costs and keeping up with the technology that your company needs.

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