Hosted Desktop

MTG makes your IT worry-free by hosting your desktop from our data center.

Your desktop is separated into individual layers (operating system, applications, and data), transforming them into resources to meet the needs of your users no matter where they are or what device they are on. Grant your users access to their desktop and applications from anywhere with MTG’s Hosted Desktop!

Minimize the cost of management and support by centralizing your desktop environment. With MTG’s Hosted Desktop, all of your company’s applications and data are stored safely in our Network Operations Center so you never have to worry about data security again.

Virtualization and Thin Clients

Let MTG worry about managing the software and updates for your office while reducing your hardware expenses at the same time.

Drastically reduce the cost of operating your business by virtualizing your entire office on the cloud. MTG outfits your entire operation with thin client terminals, which need only the Internet and minimal hardware to login. MTG provides a rich computing environment available anywhere your users are, through a wide range of devices, without compromise.

Powering a traditional workstation is a costly endeavor. Thin clients remedy this by requiring substantially less power, and less frequent upgrades to accommodate the processor load from new applications. Think of the money you will save by not needing an internal desktop support team!

No Longer Be Chained to your Desk!

Give your workforce the tools they need to be productive from everywhere. Don’t sacrifice function to improve mobility; from home or on the road, and from virtually any device with a browser, you can access all of your desktop applications and documents safely.

Secure Your Most Valuable Asset—Your Data

With MTG’s Hosted Desktop Environment, data are securely stored in our advanced datacenter. By not storing data on the physical device, you never have to worry about stolen or lost hardware with sensitive company information!

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