Printer Management

Does It Seem Like Your Printer Is Always Malfunctioning?

Gain Visibility and Control Over your Company’s Printing with MTG's Print Management Solutions

Sick of wasting time and money on your printers? MTG guarantees your business will reduce printing costs, increase efficiency, improve document security, and shrink your organization’s environmental impact! By "printing," we mean the total cost of managing and optimizing your printers, their output, and the people and processes that support these devices. Our experts evaluate your current printer setup to see where money is being wasted, and then help you control your company’s print spending. MTG handles the printing so you can get back to business!

Lower Printing Costs

MTG optimizes your organization’s print infrastructure to easily identify money-saving opportunities. We automatically enforce permission-based access to the printer’s systems and features (such as color output and duplex printing) to prevent unnecessary spending.

Secure Sensitive Information

Don’t let valuable company data fall into the wrong hands!

MTG employs user authentication to protect every printer. We create an audit trail so you can see who prints what document when, and on which device. Keep your files safe and your employees accountable!

Go Green and Save Some Green!

Cut waste and lower your carbon footprint

MTG’s printer management solution imposes rules to make sure that your company is only printing what is necessary, and is not overprinting. You will be able to require double-sided printing, which decreases paper usage considerably. Support your company’s environmental efforts with MTG’s Print Management solution.

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