Security Cameras

“We’ll Just Add Security Later…” Famous Last Words.

What’s the Point of Installing Cameras if You Can’t Catch the Bad Guys?

Remember when poor-quality, analog CCTV cameras were the standard? Today’s cameras enable you to see such details as tiny as the text on a receipt! There are countless cameras and systems to choose from—don’t get overwhelmed! MTG will find the best budget-friendly solution for your organization.

Unlimited Access to Cameras

MTG uses a network of digital video recorders (DVRs) to feed recordings straight into a server on your personal, secure network, or to the cloud, so storing footage is a breeze. Access the recordings remotely, even from your phone or tablet! MTG provides the freedom to check in on your business from anywhere. You can even hire a third party security firm to remotely monitor your property.

Events of Concern Are Automatically Recorded with MTG’s Smart Security.

MTG will program your advanced network cameras and video encoders with built-in intelligence and analytics to capture only what is essential. Motion and light detectors will trigger recordings; you can program specific times to record, or have it only record when the alarm is triggered. MTG lets you tailor your security settings only to what your business needs in order to be safe.