About us

MTG was founded in 1989 by a few geeks that had a calling to provide ISS (Information System Services as it was called back then). During the early years, MTG was focused on providing services to the Education sector. The name actually meant Mac Technology Group (MTG). This is where we get to boast about our Apple Macintosh Roots. As ISS evolved, so did MTG. After acquiring Steve Katsman, a Network Security and Wireless expert, MTG became a "IT" Company (Information Technology for those of you still catching up). MTG began to build a client base that focused on security and wireless technologies and continued to support the Gov. Ed sector and began to expand into the Corporate space. As a result the legal name was changed to Micro Technology Groupe. Maybe we were a little ahead of ourselves by adding the "e" to the end of the word Group. But the Micro part was cool… Bill Gates had Microsoft and since we now had some Microsoft Certified experts as part of the MTG family, it seemed like it fit. As time passed, MTG reached another milestone when Ettore Dragone Founder and Owner of ITS (IntelliTech Solutions) decided to acquire majority interest in MTG and bring ITS under the MTG house of IT. MTG deepened its roots in the IT and business community. And since Ettore Dragone was a IT & AV Professional and was well regarded as an expert in the IT field, this called for one more name change… MTG IT Professionals. We left off the AV in part to give the lawyers a break, but truthfully, it's all technology and at this point it's all a bunch of IOIOIOIOOOII (ONs and OFFs for you non Techy people reading this). But rest assured that MTG is a full service IT and AV solution provider. Today we get to describe and associate ourselves with yet another big fancy word... Managed Services Provider or MSP as you will often see. To be clear, MTG does not think of itself as a MSP company although we do offer exceptional MSP offerings such as Hosted eMail, VoIP Cloud Services and all things that are considered IT that you entrust us to manage. But it is important to realize that MTG still holds true and steady with the fact that we are a bunch of IT Professionals (Geeks) that simply love technology and believe in: "Doing the right thing and do IT right!"

With MTG as your trusted technology partner you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Reduced cost
  • Increased performance
  • Fewer expenses
  • No hiring new employees
  • No increase to your benefits costs

MTG Will Manage Your IT and Help Your Business Grow

When it comes to IT support, we understand that all businesses have different needs. As a result, we've arranged our support services to fit the needs of your organization.

MTG’s goal is to keep you running efficiently, to eliminate downtime and IT-related headaches, and give you the comfort of knowing that one provider will quickly resolve all of your problems.

Contact us today to find out how MTG can help your business!