Hosted Server

The Hassle-Free Approach to Hosted Server and Infrastructure Solutions

Eliminate the need for extra office space, and abolish management and hardware costs by virtualizing your servers!

By hosting your server in a reliable, properly controlled data center, your business will have less hardware to maintain; this means more space, reduced electricity consumption, and less overhead.

Best of all, MTG’s IT experts manage your infrastructure for consistent reliability, stability, and uptime. Your data always has backups of backups, and antivirus and security protection is handled in-house by MTG.

Change the Way You Think About IT

With purchasing servers comes licensing, maintaining, upgrading, patching, and troubleshooting –then you need to purchase new servers again in 3-4 years! MTG’s data center delivers safe, dependable access to your servers without worrying about security patches, software updates, and hardware management. Our server solution is scalable to any size business regardless of growth!

Flexible Computing

Access servers easily at any time from anywhere.

MTG’s hosted server solution is perfect for businesses with multiple locations or remote employees by empowering them to access their work from anywhere. Applications like Microsoft Office, Outlook/Exchange, and your business tools (such as your accounting suite and CRM tools) are all available to users. In other words, it’s your IT environment hosted in MTG’s data center, which drastically reduces overhead.

Move your IT Environment to the Cloud

MTG boasts a wide array of hosted infrastructure solutions including data storage and desktop virtualization to enhance your business! Stop stressing about hardware and software upgrades--Set up a consultation with MTG today to see how much you can save with our Hosted IT Solutions!

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