4 Reasons You Need to Virtualize Your Desktop!

August 8th, 2014
4 Reasons You Need to Virtualize Your Desktop!

While desktop virtualization isn't a new thing, it is one that has been increasing in popularity for businesses over the past few years. It offers a lot more freedom with particular aspects of managing your technology, including increased reliability and security. While the physical problems of a desktop are taken care of, you'll also have the benefits of being protected from a sudden crash or wearing from old age.

Easy Set Up
Aside from the preservation of your computer, desktop virtualization offers many other benefits for a small business. You might recall installing and preparing new PCs for every single new employee that walked through your front door. Remember how much time that takes? Not anymore. With a virtualized desktop, you can make the most out of your technology, and MTG can use our remote IT services to get you to that point!

Mobility to the Max
Letting employees work from home could both bolster your employees work performance and the size of your wallet. However, setting up each device individually could do the exact opposite. If you allow your employees to set up their own devices, it could wind up being detrimental to your company's security. Instead, try virtualizing their desktops so they can access them from anywhere, at anytime, so long as they have a stable and secure Internet connection.

Simple Maintenance
Once you upgrade to a virtualized desktop, you can say goodbye to hours of painful troubleshooting. Instead of having your system be slowed down significantly by software, the virtual desktop limits what an employee downloads to their computer. Additionally, you can set it up to delete software upon restart, making troubleshooting easier. If something is wrong with your PC, chances are you can fix the problem by simply restarting it. If the problem doesn't fix itself, MTG will gladly assist you remotely, isolate the problem, and take care of it for you. We'll save you time and money by solving your technology problems for you at a fixed rate.

Set Up Permissions
Sometimes employees download software to their desktop that can be harmful to your business by spreading viruses or malware, or at the very least by slowing down productivity. This can all be avoided through desktop virtualization, which allows you to set up permissions for what your employees can and cannot download to their desktop. This is not a foolproof plan, though - should anything get through your permissions, you can count on MTG to take care of you and your systems.

Overall, the most important benefit of desktop virtualization is a pretty simple one - it will save you both time and money. For a business, that's just about the best thing you could possibly want. MTG can provide you with these services so you don't need to hire a complete IT department. Call us at (215) 247-8324, and we'll take good care of both your IT needs and your virtual desktop.