The Public Cloud Computing Model is an Easy Choice

August 18th, 2014
The Public Cloud Computing Model is an Easy Choice

Some businesses prefer having their own IT infrastructure over using a public cloud computing service. Given the amount of control that a private cloud model provides, it's easy to see why hosting data in-house would be attractive, but, as cloud computing technology improves, more businesses are turning to public cloud offerings.

Implementing a private cloud infrastructure for your business is no easy task. If your company already has an IT network in place, adding cloud hardware and software will be a major job requiring the skills of an IT professional. InfoWorld explains how involved of a process implementing a private cloud is:

Bending your existing infrastructure to accommodate a vast private cloud, not to mention migrating the lion's share of legacy applications to that cloud, is a losing proposition. Ultimately, building a private cloud demands replacing old systems with new ones. That can be accomplished step by step, as new initiatives -- particularly those supporting customer engagement -- demand cloud-like infrastructure. In addition, as legacy systems become too awkward and expensive to maintain, you can replace them with modern cloud solutions.

As competition heats up with public cloud computing providers, the cost of utilizing public cloud services becomes more affordable for enterprises. One evidence of this is how much it cost to host data over a public cloud today compared to five years ago. Thankfully, cloud data hosting is one of the few necessary services in this world that's actually getting cheaper--unlike fuel, utilities, food, rent, and everything else we need to survive.

Just as it's expensive to buy the necessary equipment to add a private cloud to your existing IT infrastructure, it's also expensive to build a new private cloud from scratch. This is why many startups are opting to primarily depend on the public cloud for their computing needs. Many startups are even opting to lean fully on the public cloud in order to save money and altogether avoid the headache of maintaining their own IT infrastructure.

Sure, every business would love to have their own personal data center and enjoy the flexibility of the cloud architecture, but before you go all-in and make that kind of large scale commitment, you will first want to consider the features and benefits of using a public cloud service. MTG can host and manage your data for you over the cloud. Or, if you've weighed your options and you want to implement a private cloud solution for your business, then MTG can help you with this too.

In fact, utilizing a mixture of both public and private cloud models based on the computing needs of your business is likely the best way to go. This model is called hybrid cloud and it's the direction that most companies are going--as evidenced by a survey of IT professionals from RightScale. In this study, "The biggest slice of respondents -- 58 percent -- are not relying on public or private cloud alone, but a mix of both."

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