Business’ Demand Clarity and Simplicity from Cloud Service Providers

October 9th, 2014
Business’ Demand Clarity and Simplicity from Cloud Service Providers

Businesses are turning their attention toward the cloud more and more every day, but many of them find the cloud to be a lot of information to process. What businesses want is the ability to see how cloud services can benefit their personal and professional goals. Cloud solutions can give your company an edge on your competition, but you don't always know what the best solution for your business is.

Too many businesses find that cloud service providers convolute their solutions. While there is a lot of interest in the cloud itself, not everyone knows exactly what they are dealing with. Some providers don't offer businesses enough details to make an educated decision regarding their future in the cloud, or simply provide sugar-coated subpar services. Joe McKendrick of Forbes claims that that there are several things that a business looks for in cloud providers. Incidentally, MTG is a managed service provider, and offers these benefits to our clients:

  • Clear pricing
  • Simple management
  • Quality support
  • Realistic Assessments

Is the Price Right?
Problems with pricing are a recurrent theme amongst cloud service providers - not because they are too high, but because businesses can't determine how much the individual services cost. It doesn't help that cloud services tend to rely on innovation for new services, and this makes prices vary greatly from each service provider.

MTG provides flat-rate, monthly, cost-effective cloud services. We want the cloud to save your business money, and make it easier to work and collaborate. You'll always know where your resources are being spent, and what you're getting.

Simple Management is a Necessity
Once a business moves to the cloud, like any developing technology, the cloud takes some adjusting to. Consumers tend to think that the cloud will be as easy to operate as any other new hardware or software they have obtained. Thanks to this mindset, they are put off by the difficulty involved with managing their cloud. Without training, and even with training, cloud computing can be a tricky concept.

As a managed cloud service provider, we pride ourselves in making your cloud experience as simple as possible. Our professional IT technicians will help make your transition into the cloud simplicity itself.

Businesses Desire Quality Support
Cloud computing isn't easy to understand, and support will likely be needed. Businesses want a provider who can offer them support services. MTG offers your business several different methods of support, including phone and live chat support. Whenever you need help, MTG can find a solution for you.

Assessments Help, Too
In order to provide the best services for your business, a cloud service provider should be able to tell you where you are and what you need to accomplish to successfully integrate the cloud into your infrastructure.

Cloud computing can be beneficial, but you need to understand what your business needs and wants from a service provider. MTG can help you figure out the best method of transitioning to the cloud. For an idea of where you're at and what it takes, give us a call at (215) 247-8324. We'll help your business discover the best path toward accomplishing your goals.