DeSimone has survived thru some of the hardest times thanks to MTG

"We here at DeSimone Auto Group have survived thru some if not the hardest times in the Auto Industry. Thanks to MTG and their knowledge of how businesses can use technology on how to save money, we were able to drastically reduce our technology expenditures and become more efficient. By going to a hosted VoIP system saved us over 50% on our phone bills. Hosted eMail has given us flexibility and security. Additionally, Ettore and his team redesigned our store to store connectivity and eliminated all of our expensive and slow T1 circuits and worked with Comcast to get them to install service in locations no one else was able to get them to install with no additional cost. Ettore and his team simply understand business and know how to use technology so that is is useful and economical."

Gene DeSimone
President and Owner
DeSimone Auto Group