TeslaCrypt Ransomware Master Key is Released, Thanks to ESET!

May 26th, 2016
TeslaCrypt Ransomware Master Key is Released, Thanks to ESET!

ransomware? Well, we have good news--the developers of TeslaCrypt shut down their ransomware, and released their master decryption key. This means that you no longer have to pay anyone to decrypt your files--the master key will decrypt all of the data that was held hostage.

How did this happen? For a few weeks now an ESET analyst noticed that the developers of TeslaCrypt have been slowly closing their doors, while their previous distributors have been switching over to CryptXXX ransomware. When the ESET researcher realized this, he used the official support chat on the Tesla payment site to ask if they would release the master TeslaCrypt decryption key. To his shock and delight, they agreed, and subsequently posted it on their now-defunct payment site. ESET immediately created a free decrypting tool, which is able to unlock files affected by this ransomware.

Although this is positive news, we need to emphasize that ransomware remains one of the most dangerous computer threats at this moment, and prevention is essential to keep users safe. You should always keep operating systems and software updated, use reliable security solutions with multiple layers of protection, and regularly back up all important and valuable data at an offline location. We also advise that users be very careful when clicking on links or files in their email or browsers, particularly when messages are received from unknown sources, or otherwise look suspicious.

MTG has partnered with ESET for the past few years specifically because they are the best in the security industry, and this situation yet again proves we made the right decision to protect our customers. Last year, we launched MTG Managed as an offering to help our customers prevent security incidents like TeslaCrypt and other ransomware before they even happen. Not only do we keep your network up and running smoothly, we perform all of the actions to keep your data safe, and monitor it for any potential threats. For more information about how to protect yourself against these and other ransomware threats, or to get started with MTG Managed, please contact the Cyber Security experts at MTG at 215-247-TECH or Help@247tech.com!