Do the Same Amount of Work for Less Money with a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

July 9th, 2014
Do the Same Amount of Work for Less Money with a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

One of the biggest expenses for any business is owning and maintaining an IT infrastructure. Computer equipment is expensive to purchase and it's costly to upgrade and repair. Fortunately, operating an IT infrastructure doesn't have to be as expensive as the price tag indicates. You can take advantage of desktop virtualization to handle your workload for much less money!

Don't Overspend on Technology!
Businesses that are unaware of this desktop virtualization option will spend more money than they need to. When buying technology, the default thing for businesses to do is to pick out the same equipment that's standard for everyone else. This could result in ordering a batch of workstations that are much more powerful than what your team actually needs. For example, does an employee that primarily uses Microsoft Office need a souped-up PC fit for graphic design? This is a classic example of overspending.

It's Okay to Use Equipment that's "Good Enough"
In today's cloud computing environment, many business-essential applications can be accessed and operated over the cloud, or even over your own network. When an application is run over your server, then the server handles the workload, instead of the PC. This means that the images on the PC desktop are virtualized from the server, allowing your team to do the same work on a low-end computer or slim-line system.

Taking this approach to computing is what's known as a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The stripped-down computers used to access the virtualized data from a server are known as terminals, and purchasing a batch of terminals costs significantly less than buying and maintaining expensive workstations.

Get Work Done on the Go with VDI
An additional benefit of utilizing a virtual desktop infrastructure is that your users can access their work environment on virtually any device. Your sales team can travel with their own laptops and still access all of their files and applications securely and remotely.

VDI Makes Software Management Easy!
Another advantage that comes with VDI is that you're able to save on maintenance expenses. It's the nature of computers to wear down with use, and a heavy workload will wear down equipment quickly. Therefore, if a single server is crunching the data, then the terminals will experience less wear and tear. Focusing your maintenance energy on one powerful server unit built to handle a heavy workload will cost less than keeping all of your heavily-used desktops up and running.

VDI is a great solution for software management. Upgrading just one application on a server is much more efficient than installing and upgrading software on every single workstation. This is a great way to ensure that every employee is securely using the latest software, and this eliminates the risk of overlooking the installation of a critical software patch on one of your many PCs. Then there's the security advantage of reducing the number of network access points. You also may be able to have multiple workstations use a single application with just one software license. Not every software application qualifies for this "loophole," but some do!

Does it sound like VDI is the way to solve your company's burdensome IT networking expenses? You can call MTG at (215) 247-8324 to find out. Every business has unique networking needs. VDI may be your best option to save some coin, but there may be other ways to save money with your IT infrastructure. MTG will take the time to learn your system's needs and find the best way to make your technology work for you!